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Bihidora is the web media platform of the Aluth Kathabaha movement. Aluth Kathabaha (New Dialogue) was initiated by a group of civil society activists in 2020. The aim of the movement is to create a new citizen who can positively contribute to social change. Our basic idea is that the citizen is more important as a changemaker than the politician.

Following are the links to the main focuses on the Aluth Kathabaha new dialogue. We invite you to broaden this dialogue. To explore the common minimum understandings on some themes, please click the links given below.

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This is a crisis of socialism, not capitalism

One of the main reasons for the current problem is that the government has borrowed heavily and invested in economically unproductive projects. In fact, it applies mostly to the period after 2006. Hambantota Port, Mattala Airport, Sooriyawewa Stadium, Hambantota International Conference Hall, Nelum Pokuna, Nelum Kuluna, etc. are some of the expenses that fall into this category.


Aluth Kathabaha - Badulla

Dialogue so far

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